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04/29/2018 01:50Russia's Shigir Idol, The World's Oldest Wooden Statue, Is Believed To Be Twice As Old As ...    ( The Inquisitr )
As recalled by Science magazine, the Shigir Idol was first found by gold prospectors in 1894 near Yekaterinburg, Russia. Measuring about 16-feet-tall, the statue stood out for the images of human faces and hands, among other unusual visual features. For the next 120 years or so, the statue was kept in ...
04/03/2018 03:40Russia preparing response to US decision to impose duties on steel and aluminum    ( TASS )
"Russia is closely following and fully participating in all these processes. We will form our official estimate and make relevant statements. I am not authorized to anticipate the government's decisions, but they are being prepared," he said when talking to the students of the Ural Federal University.
04/03/2018 00:40On this day in history: 1979 Soviet anthrax outbreak    ( SOFREP (press release) )
April 2, 1979 — Anthrax began to spread through the town of Sverdlovsk (now called Yekaterinburg) in the Ural Mountains, beginning an epidemic that ... scientists led by Dr. Matthew Meselson (a geneticist and molecular biologist from Harvard), who would visit Russia to find the root of the outbreak.
04/01/2018 04:30Russia expels Ukrainian diplomats from three cities – source    ( UNIAN )
Read also"Nonsense": Klimkin on Russia's "mirror move" to kick out Ukrainian diplomats Employees of the Ukrainian consulates in Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk were not expelled since it would be equivalent to the closure of the institutions as a mere two or three people work there each. According to ...
03/27/2018 05:30The US and Europe say the Kremlin poisoned Sergei Skripal. In Russia, no one buys it.    ( Washington Post )
Earlier this month, Sergei Skripal and his adult daughter, Yulia, were found unconscious on a park bench in Salisbury, England. The two had been poisoned with a nerve agent called Novichok, developed by Kremlin scientists several decades ago. They remain in critical condition. Skripal is Russian.
03/01/2018 23:10Sberbank launches AI Academy project for schoolchildren    ( Finextra )
This year introductory lessons about AI will take place in eight cities across Russia: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Tyumen, Irkutsk, Ulyanovsk, Ivanovo, Tomsk and Yekaterinburg. During the lessons schoolchildren will learn about the history of AI, the main trends and future of AI, machine learning and big ...
02/09/2018 17:00Yulia Lipnitskaya Net Worth 2018    ( Gazette Review )
Born on June 5, 1998, in Yekaterinburg, Russia, Yulia Lipnitskaya began her training at the age of four. Coached by Elena Levkovets, she practiced on the ice for many years, prior to moving to Moscow in 2009. By then, her skills had already allowed her to compete on the junior level at the Russian ...
01/30/2018 00:45Countries should not overlook the potential for science diplomacy to foster healthy interstate ...    ( Policy Forum )
The Year of Science and Education 2017 was a key year in normalising relations between London and Moscow, as it helped establish and consolidate scientific cooperation between the two nations. It was due to the direct involvement and organisation of the British embassy in Russia and its various ...
01/03/2018 03:15IAEA: Gains Among Concerns In 2017    ( Nuclear Street - Nuclear Power Plant News, Jobs, and Careers (press release) (blog) )
“In addition, around 700 nuclear engineers, scientists and decision-makers (gathered) to discuss fast reactors and related fuel cycles, which hold the promise of providing clean and sustainable energy for thousands of years, in Yekaterinburg, Russia,” the agency noted in its year-end press release.
12/29/2017 21:25IAEA Highlights and Achievements in 2017 – A Year in Review    ( International Atomic Energy Agency )
In addition, around 700 nuclear engineers, scientists and decision-makers to discuss fast reactors and related fuel cycles, which hold the promise of providing clean and sustainable energy for thousands of years, in Yekaterinburg, Russia, in June. An IAEA project focused on ensuring the availability of ...
12/23/2017 03:30Rathana thero! What you should know about chrysotile white asbestos    ( Lankaweb )
Russian roofing material made out of chrysotile white asbestos are technically different from what is produced in the West. ... Sergey Kashanskiy, a candidate of medical science and head of the Labour Hygiene Laboratory of the Yekaterinburg Medical Research Centre for Prophylaxis and Health ...
12/14/2017 05:15'Anything can be fabricated': Retired Russian general on accusations of involvement in MH17 ...    ( RT )
Having concluded that Tkachyov "was by far the most likely candidate to be Delfin," the journalists deceived the Russian military official to obtain his voice samples. They interviewed Tkachyov "under the cover of writing a story" on his activities at a Yekaterinburg military school. They then gave the ...
12/14/2017 04:20Preserving the Khanty Way of Life    ( The Moscow Times )
The Kazamkiny family lives in the Varyogan village in the Nizhnevartovsk region. There are only five Khanty families in this area. They own two homes in the village, and the children attend the local school. But the family spends most of its time in campsites across the taiga. Vitaly, the 46-year-old head of ...
12/10/2017 03:20Report Names Russian General 'Caught on Tape' in Downing of MH17    ( Daily Beast )
... however, telling Russia's Novaya Gazeta on Saturday that he is not “Delfin” and he will sue the publications for defamation. Tkachyov also refuted the claim that he was in eastern Ukraine in 2014, claiming he has been working on the “patriotic education of youths” in Yekaterinburg for the past several ...
12/09/2017 06:30Russia Senior General Implicated In Dutch MH17 Shoot Down    ( Tsarizm (blog) )
“I have been living in Yekaterinburg for many years, participating in military and patriotic education programs for kids. I have been maintaining contacts with public organizations and taking part in various public events, always on the media's radar. I have nothing to add.” Russia accuses the Ukrainian ...
12/08/2017 18:25Russian Colonel General Identified as Key MH17 Figure    ( bellingcat )
In order to obtain this audio, The Insider conducted two telephone conversations with Colonel General Tkachev under the cover of writing a story on the Yekaterinburg Suvorov Military School, where Tkachev serves as chairman of the newly established Board of Trustees for the school (archive). Below ...
12/02/2017 18:30Russia 2018: a guide to the cities and stadiums for England's group games    ( The Guardian )
All three of England's games avoid the big two transport hubs of Moscow and St Petersburg, and all are a flight away from the England training camp near St Petersburg. Fans planning to watch the games will need to take a lot of flights or long train journeys. Russian overnight trains are comfortable, ...
11/23/2017 04:15Honeywell UOP celebrates Ipatieff birthday    ( Hydrocarbon Engineering )
The Russian scientist is credited with establishing UOP as one of the ... to Yekaterinburg where they were held in the home of Ipatieff's brother Nikolai.
11/21/2017 00:25Blazing fireball lights up Arctic sky for 5 seconds, scientists call it 'glow of 100 full moons'    (
100 full moons: Blazing fireball lights up Arctic sky -
11/20/2017 16:15Blazing fireball lights up Arctic sky    ( Santa Fe New Mexican )
Viktor Troshenkov of the Russian Academy of Sciences told the Tass news agency that the fireball could be part of a prolific meteor shower known as the Leonids, which peaks at this time of year. He said he felt Thursday's fireball likely wasn't the sole meteorite but others maybe were not seen due to ...


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